3 Authentic Ways to Show Your Partner Respect

According to Miguel Angel Ruiz, “Respect is one of the greatest expressions of love.” He was listed as one of Watkins 100 Most Spiritually Influential Living People in 2018.

Holding your partner in high regard entails many things but respect is paramount. You often take respect for granted. It is easy to lose respect for someone you have been with for a long time. The excitement you feel for them fades. They appear less attractive to you. Remember, “familiarity breeds contempt”. You start covering up your mistakes, asking your partner to lie on your behalf. You deflect blame onto them and show up late repeatedly. Wanting to show your partner respect defines the quality of your relationship. It shows how much the person means to you.

Here are three ways you can effortlessly show your partner respect.

1. Be Open to Your Partner
Your partner always wants to be in sync with you. Ensure a good flow of information. Don’t be defensive when asked. Telling your partner the truth makes them feel safe around you. Speak the language of respect. It comes in handy when it’s not what they need to hear but ought to. They will always seek your opinion, once you become trustworthy. Your honest opinion is important. Withholding information or lying to them screams disrespect. Nothing speaks respect like honesty.

2. Honour Their Preferences
More often than not, your special someone will make choices for you. You will also choose something they have a special connection to. Imagine adorning your living room with blue curtains because it’s his favourite colour. This makes him feel understood. Choosing to keep a long beard simply because she enjoys stroking it. Pay attention to the little things that matter to them. Endeavor to always hear them out and don’t neglect their opinion. This proves that your spouse has your ear and that you respect their opinion.

3. Invest in Their Dreams
Take note of your partner’s goals, plans, and priorities. Be a good support system. Encourage them as they follow their passions. Go ahead and pay for that writing course since she loves writing. Create time and ask your companion about their dreams. Once they are feeling stuck, hold their hand, and find a solution. Help your man practice for his presentation, be his audience at home. Be your partner’s unconditional teammate. Respecting your partner’s desires shows them you have a high opinion of what they choose to be or do.

You give someone you respect your trust, faith, time, loyalty, and admiration. There are many aspects they lose when they lose your respect. Be honest, appreciate your partner’s uniqueness, and support their endeavours. Ensure transparency and honesty, your partner will most likely feel respected.